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1. Who is Privateer?
Privateer introduces a modern and transparent approach to selling real estate, saving its clients over $30,000 on average in commission fees.  Privateer gives you the confidence, products and services to execute a successful sales campaign yourself.

2. Why choose Privateer over an agent?
Trade Me has revolutionised the way New Zelanders find property.  It is a one stop shop for every property on the market irrespective of who is selling it. Whilst you remain in control of the total process, Privateer will walk you through from photography to a signed Sale & Purchase agreement at a fraction of the cost.

3. How does Privateer work?
We provide you with the marketing and tools necessary for selling your own property.  Whether you engage us to host a bunch of open homes, put up a street front sign or discuss a recent offer, we are on your side giving you the confidence to do it yourself.

4. Some agents claim to have buyers in hand?
We hear this alot. If their buyer is interested in buying property they will be looking on Trade Me.  Most serious buyers will have registered alerts set to identify new properties on the market, in any given area and price range. By marketing your property in the right areas you will attract sufficient buyers in the market who are looking to buy.

5. Can I use an agent and Privateer?
Yes you can.  We advise our clients to list their property using our marketing services in the first instance and then if they have been approached by an agent entertain discussions with them once their campaign has started. This ensures that you can clearly identify the buyers that have been attracted by your marketing versus their ''contacts'' and reflect this in any listing agreement.

6. What do I say when a buyer asks “how much?”
It depends on the sales strategy (Auction, Asking Price, Enquiries Over etc) that you employ.  We can educate you on how to deal with most enquiries and circumstances in a controlled and effective manner. 

7. Am I cut-out for selling my property myself?
New Zealanders have been conditioned to believe that it is too difficult and perhaps you are not "allowed" to sell property without an agent. Don't be fooled by the agents making it sound harder than it is. We dispell the myths and step you through the strategy most suited to you and your property from start to finish.

8. How long does it take to list our property on Trade Me?
As soon as photography has been processed, we can have you listed and ready for sale in a day or two.

9. How are your fees so low?
We don't charge a commission based on the value of your property. Our fees are fixed and based purely on the cost of marketing products and services. Large downtown offices are not required to sell your property.  We simply provide you with the tools you need to sell your property, nothing more.

10. Will you do the negotiating for me?
No.  As the architect of your own sales campaign you will be doing the negotiating yourself. Alot of buyers actually prefer to deal directly with the owner. We offer suggested strategies and techniques that can ensure the best outcome for you. 

11. Are floorplans important?
People spend around 35% more time on listings that contain a floorplan than those that don’t. 

12. Any hidden charges?
No.  All of Privateer's products and services have a fixed price.

13. I’m worried about showing my home
Let us open it up for you.  Our professional open home hosting service will welcome buyers through your home and provide you with a detailed registration of attendees that afterward you can contact or may contact you.

14. Is the legal stuff hard?
No, its just the technical part that gives effect to how you want to sell your property - for example on the Sale & Purchase agreement you record how long you want the settlement period to be or whether you are including the dishwasher. We advise our clients to get in contact with their lawyer at the start of the process and ask any questions along the way so that things are simpified at the business end. In the vast majority of cases it is very straightforward.  We can recommend lawyers if you don't currently have one.

15. How much is my house worth?
We will provide you with all of the relevant sales data in your area so you can compare your property to others recently sold.  If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, we suggest taking an interest in any current local sales and note how they are being sold and for how much.  Remember these are actual "sales" not asking prices. This will give you a better understanding and ensure a realistic approach to setting your price. In some cases we also recommend obtaining a registered valuation.

16. How do buyers respond to properties sold privately by owners?
We find most buyers prefer to deal directly with the owner of a property.

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We recognise that not everyone is comfortable or available to host buyers through their property so we remove that stress and do it for you.

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Auction is an effective method for achieving maximum sale price so we offer a full auction service with plenty of support throughout.

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